Avoid Cross Betting in Roulette

In a roulette game, a single wager is the simplest form of bets. However players can place multiple wagers as many as they wish. The advantage of using the multiples wagers is that they cover different sets of numbers and eventually increase the chance of winning. The different wagers can also be used to cover specific numbers which are common to the wagers. This type of wagers is known as cross betting. The roulette players can get confused about choosing the right type of wagers.

The most important thing to remember that whatever the type of wager is, the expected winnings remain the same. If a player wager on a few numbers he will win larger amounts but the chance of his winning will be lower. On the other hand, if he wager on larger numbers he will have a better chance of winning but will win smaller amount. In any of the case, the expectation remains same.

Let us look at an example of cross betting. If a player wager $10 on red numbers and $10 on odd number there will be total 18 red numbers and 18 odd numbers. Let us assume there are four groups which contain these numbers. The first group contains both red and odd numbers of which there are 10. The second group contains only red numbers of which there are 8. The third group contains only odd numbers of which there are 8. And the last group contains neither red nor odd numbers of which there are 11. Now if a first group number is called, the player wins both red and odd bets and wins $20. If a number of the second or third group is called, player will win one bet and will lose the other bet. If a number of the fourth group is called, the player will lose both bet and will lose $20. Overall, the player wins $20 on 10 numbers, ends up quits on 16 numbers and loses $20 on 11 numbers. By suitable cross betting choices, a roulette player can increase the percentage cover in which he either quits or wins. But it will take the fun of the game away as the game is all about taking the risk. So roulette player are recommended to avoid cross betting. Moreover many online casinos do not allow cross betting.